Lily Brown


Lily Brown AUTUMN & WINTER 2017 1st COLLECTION | Lily Brown Official Brand Site

Vintage-Future Dresses

Lily Brown creates dresses featured vintage.Their garments are combined vintage taste into today’s fashion.Designs focused on the warmth by hand-work as vintage has, creativity and passion into destails.Lily Brown is like a wardrobe filled up with such treasurable clothing.They suggest garments to make people happy.

怀着对古着的真实魅力的敬仰,设计出当今世代的New Fashion!!
Vintage所传达的是 温暖的手感 独创的色彩、设计 细节中包含的情感
Lily Brown就是钟情于用如同珍宝般的洋装 装填满整个衣柜的品牌。
积极且让人充满元气的洋装,凭借Own Style,享尽街头和自家衣柜的无限乐趣。